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Healthy Schools

The Healthy Schools committee is charged with the responsibility of promoting the national ‘Healthy Schools’ programme within Ysgol Henry Richard. A breadth of focus areas are available for schools to tackle and during 2015 we successfully achieved Phase 1 accreditation following our efforts to promote Physical activity and Healthy Eating within the school; consequently, teachers for example will now reward pupils with fruit as opposed to sweets. Apple trees and fruit shrubs have been planted outside the technology block and a pleasing breadth of physical activities take place on a regular basis within the school.

We are presently aiming for the Phase 2 accreditation which is focused upon ‘Hygiene’ and improving the school ‘Environment’. To date a significant amount of positive developments have taken place with regard to the school toilets, this includes improving the hygiene facilities [e.g. by installing soap dispensers, air dryers] and enhancing the toilets through painting the walls in restful colours and exhibiting a breadth of aesthetically pleasing photographs on the walls. The committee is continuing to work enthusiastically upon securing the Phase 2 accreditation during this academic year prior to targeting the Phase 3 themes during the spring term.