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Clubs and Extra Curricular Activities

Your child's education will not be confined to the classroom alone. We take advantage of a range of opportunities that provide our pupils with rich learning experiences. The school has a strong tradition of competing on the playing field and on eisteddfod platforms. Pupils have regular opportunities to perform in front of an audience.

One of the great strengths of Ysgol Henry Richard is the opportunities pupils have to develop their skills as they take part in various activities throughout the year; from the stage in arts and public speaking activities to the playing fields, in careers and business activities and promoting political interest to environmental activities.

As a pupil at Ysgol Henry Richard, your child will have many different opportunities to develop their personal interests and to try new things.

Urdd activities are popular at the school with annual success at the eisteddfod on stage in musical competitions, recitation and public speaking and in the art and design field. The PE department also competes in Urdd organized tournaments, county tournaments and after school games against the county's schools.

We pride ourselves on the success of our pupils in all these areas.

Tours are organized annually to visit art galleries, to live performances in theatres and concert halls as well as to residential trips to cities, Urdd camps and skiing.